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Confucius Institute at University of Delaware

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   (Inauguration Ceremony of the Confucius Institute at University of Delaware)



Xiamen University (XMU) and the University of Delaware (UD) have partnered together since April 2009 after agreeing to establish a Confucius Institute (CI) at UD to promote Chinese language and culture. Hanban, the CI headquarters, and UD formally signed the Co-Establishment of Confucius Institute Agreement on March 30, 2010 which led to the official launch of The Confucius Institute at the University of Delaware (UDCI) on October 19th, 2010.

The UDCI staff as of Fall 2015 consists of 36 people including the director from UD, the co-director from XMU, a program coordinator from UD, 11 Chinese teachers from Hanban, 4 locally-recruited teachers, 6 administrative assistants and 12 student volunteers from UD.

Since the opening of UDCI in 2010, more than 5,000 students have enrolled in various courses offered by the institute.

Contact Information

Chinese Director:肖晓燕

Phone001-302 831 7189

Fax001-302 831 7196

E-mailconfucius@udel.edu, xyxiao@udel.edu 

AddressThe Confucius Institute, 121 East Delaware Avenue, Newark, DE 19711, USA



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