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Confucius Institute at Cardiff University

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(Inauguration Ceremony of the Confucius Institute at Cardiff University on 4 February 2008)


The Confucius Institute at Cardiff University (CICU) was set up by Xiamen University in partnership with Cardiff University. The Agreement was signed in April 2007 and the official launch was on 4 February 2008. Classrooms dedicated to the CI were put into use on 15 July 2008, and the language lab was completed and put in use in September 2010.

The CICU is located in Modern Language School at Cardiff University. So far, the CICU has a structure with 2 directors, 8 full-time Chinese language teachers appointed by Hanban, 4 full-time Chinese language teachers and 2 volunteer Chinese teachers from Xiamen University and 3 local tutors. There are a total of 8 Confucius Classrooms affiliated to the CICU spreading from north to south in Wales. The HSK examination site was set up in the CICU in 2011. The CICU currently offers selective Chinese courses to Cardiff undergraduates and non-credit Chinese courses to local professional and adults; and it also provides rich Chinese teaching courses and diverse cultural activities for primary and secondary students. In 2014, there are 792 students registered in the CICU and more than 5000 primary and secondary students from the Confucius Classrooms; and over 2500 people participate in the diverse cultural activities of the CICU.

 Contact Information:  

Chinese Director: Yubei Zhou (周郁蓓)

Phone: 0044-2920875836

E-mail: zhouyubei@126.com

Address: Confucius Institute at Cardiff University, Cardiff School of Modern Languages, 66a Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AS, UK

  Website: www.cardiff.ac.uk/learn/confuciusinstitute/

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