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Strive to establish Confucius Institutes in all countries along the “Belt and Road”

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“We help people in countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ learn Chinese, and these countries help us learn their languages. In this way, we give full play to our own strengths and will achieve win-win development at the end.” This was stated by Xu Tao, Director of International Cooperation and Exchanges under the Chinese Ministry of Education, during his interview with the reporter from People.cn, who also noted that languages are of great importance to the development of the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative because understanding each other’s languages is a prerequisite for promoting people-to-people bonds.

Mr. Xu added that in our work on languages, the idea of mutual assistance has been adopted and highlighted and three major tasks have been done.

First, more active efforts have been made to help people in other countries learn Chinese. At present, promoting and teaching the Chinese language in foreign countries has become a pivotal component of China’s soft power. With a flourishing development, Confucius Institutes have been established in 138 countries across the globe. Among the countries along the “Belt and Road”, 51 countries host a total of 126 Confucius Institutes. The next task is to strive to establish Confucius Institutes in all countries along the “Belt and Road” and offer more convenience to more foreigners in learning Chinese.

Second, more earnest plans have been made to learn languages of limited diffusion. In 2015, China dispatched a record high 939 Chinese students, more than the total number of students of last year and the year before last combined, to learn 38 such languages in 33 countries. At present, 158 institutions of higher learning in China offer programs of 356 languages of limited diffusion, and the relevant work is in full swing.

Third, more proactive endeavor has been made to promote mutual understanding of languages among countries along the “Belt and Road”. We have also launched an initiative to invite these countries to jointly manage the programs of language of their own countries together with Chinese universities.

Recently, the Ministry of Education of China issued the Action Plan on Jointly Promoting Education along the “Belt and Road”, in which it proposes that China and countries along the “Belt and Road” will make key cooperative efforts to enhance connectivity in education, promote talent cultivation and training, and jointly build a mechanism for cooperation along the Silk Road, so as to enable all relevant countries to share quality education resources and accelerate the comprehensive development of education in these countries.

By He Yingchun

BEIJING, August 29th (People.cn)

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