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Vice President Xinli Zhan Led the XMU Delegation to SDSU for a Visit

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 On October 7th, Xiamen University (XMU) Vice President Ms. Xinli Zhan, Director of the Southern Base of Confucius Institute Headquarters Mr. Tongwen Mao, Vice Secretary General of the General Alumni Association Ms. Huixia Shi visited San Diego State University (SDSU). SDSU President Dr. Elliot Hirshman, Provost and Senior Vice President Chukuka S. Enwemeka, SDSU Confucius Institute (CISDSU) Managing Director Dr. Lilly Cheng and all CI staff welcomed the delegates.

 President Hirshman warmly received the delegates for group pictures. Provost Enwemeka met with the delegates in his office and held a short meeting to discuss further collaborations between the two universities. He also congratulated XMU on the new establishment of its Malaysia campus. Vice President Zhan thanked SDSU for supporting CISDSU, and hoped that the two universities will enhance collaborations in the years to come. She also invited Provost Enwemeka to visit XMU in the near future. At the end of the meeting, both parties exchanged gifts and took group pictures.

 In the morning, the delegates visited the construction site of the Confucius and Multicultural Center funded by Hanban’s Model CI Project. Dr. Lilly Cheng introduced to the guests the Center’s design scheme as well as bidding, approval and construction process. The Center will be used for teaching, workshops, performances and exhibitions. Dr. Cheng then invited Vice President Zhan to the unveiling ceremony next year. Vice President Zhan highly valued the innovative design of the Center and hoped that XMU can share its talents and resources in calligraphy, brush painting and museum artifacts with CISDSU and co-host Chinese cultural exhibitions at SDSU. Director Mao also said that the Southern Base of CI Headquarters will give full support for the Center.

 At 10:00 am, Vice President Zhan and Director Mao attended the 2016 CISDSU Council Meeting. After the meeting, Vice President Zhan inscribed CISDSU’s guest book: “Wish CISDSU a bright future. May it become a global model Confucius Institute.”

 The visit has strengthened the friendship, communication, partnership and collaboration between the two universities and will enhance the further development of CISDSU.

Photo 1: President Hirshman and Vice President Zhan



Photo 2: Provost Enwemeka and XMU delegates at a meeting



Photo 3: A visit to the construction site of the Confucius and Multicultural Center



Photo 4: Vice President Zhan inscribed the guestbook with her best wishes



Photo 5: A group photo



(Translated by Chudan)

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