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Chinese language proficiency contest held online in Lithuania

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The "Chinese Bridge" language proficiency competition for school and college students was held online via Zoom in Lithuania on Saturday amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ten contestants of five high schools and one university from the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, the second-largest city Kaunas and port city Klaipeda participated in the competition at home.

Before the contest, Balys Astrauskas, acting Lithuanian director of Vilnius University Confucius Institute, said this year's "Chinese Bridge" competition is different from the previous ones. "We are not in one place today, instead at our own homes in various places in Lithuania."

"But I hope the atmosphere of the competition will be just the same as every year. At the Confucius Institute, we are all friends and family, so don't be afraid of making mistakes and don't be shy in the contest. Wish you all good luck with good results today."

Eight contestants participated in the contest for school students, while the other two competed in the contest for college students.

Agne Burneikyt, a 16-year-old student from VGTU Engineering Lyceum, won the competition, and the second place was secured by Simona Erminaite from Klaipeda Azuolyno Gymnasium.

In the contest for college students, the winner was Akvile Radauskaite, a third-year (junior) student from Vilnius University, who was attending the competition for the third time in a row.

"Why do I insist on attending, because I have a lot of interest in Chinese culture. Through the contest, I could know more Chinese people and get more Chinese friends and I will participate next year," Radauskaite told the judge.

Since 2002, the headquarters of the Confucius Institute in Beijing has organized a series of Chinese Bridge language competitions.

(VILNIUS, May 16 Xinhua)

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