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Representatives Alliance Meeting of International Chinese Education Organization Convened Online, Formulating “Global Chinese Education Development Initiative”

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The International Society for Chinese Language Teaching and Asia-Pacific Consortium of Teaching Chinese as an International Language jointly initiated “Representatives Alliance Meeting of International Chinese Education Organization” on the night of October 17th, 2020. Representatives from European Association of Chinese Teaching, Research Association of Chinese as A Second Language (US), Chinese Language Teachers' Association (US), International Association of Chinese Language (US), British Chinese Language Teaching Society, Chinese Language Teaching Association (Canada), Chinese Teachers' Association of Chile, Chinese Language Teachers' Federation Association, New Zealand Chinese Language Teachers' Association, Research Association of the World Chinese Language Education History (Japan), Korean Chinese Language Association, Chinese Language Teachers' Association of Mongolia, Chinese Teachers (Thailand) Association, Chinese Teachers Association South Africa, the World Chinese Language Association (Taiwan, China),  and Hong Kong Association for Chinese Language in Education, as well as other Chinese teaching associations,  got together online.


Representatives shared their local experiences and needs and discussed how to play the role of academic organizations and promote the healthy development of Chinese language education. They also discussed and formulated “Global Chinese Education Development Initiative.”

The conference emphasizes that language is an important tool for human communication. In the process of human communication and civilization's progress, no means can replace the basic and unique role of language education. The history of humankind's societal development and civilization's progress demonstrates that the general trend of language exchange and cooperation is irresistible. The global crisis brought by COVID-19 helps us to deeply realize that strengthening language education, deepening international understanding, and building a community with a shared future for mankind through unity and cooperation are full of significance. We also have a deeper sense that it is the common duty and mission of language educators all over the world to cultivate internationalized talents with global vision, world sentiment and cross language and cross-cultural communicative competence.

Representatives from different countries agreed unanimously that it is our unshirkable duty and obligation to deepen relevant research, realize mutual learning, enhance experience sharing, and provide more professional and direct help to Chinese language learners around the world. In view of this, it is quite necessary and urgent to strengthen the multi-party collaboration among international Chinese education organizations and establish regular consultation and cooperation mechanisms, as well as strengthen the communication among regional groups.

Representatives proposed to actively create conditions to provide rich Chinese learning resources, educational and teaching resources, as well as academic research resources for the public. They also advocated realizing multi-party collaboration in academic research, education and teaching, teaching materials and methods, teaching staff, examination and evaluation, training and practice of international Chinese language education, so as to provide more direct and beneficial help to Chinese learners from all over the world  and facilitate the cooperation between international Chinese education institutions.

It is suggested that we should adhere to the concept that language exchange and cooperation are objective needs for the common development and progress of human society,  and also respect the law of language education and the principle of multi-cultural integration and mutual learning, strengthen bilateral and multi-party cooperation between the global Chinese language teaching society and various organizations, and provide online and offline mixed language teaching resources. It is proposed to carry out targeted Chinese language teaching research with regional characteristics, and strive to create a suitable teaching theory which fits the characteristics of teaching Chinese as a second language.

Representatives agreed that all the international Chinese education organizations should work together with other groups to create a good international Chinese education environment so as to better meet the needs of the international community for Chinese learning. Foreign language education is an international cause to promote the peaceful development and cultural diversity of mankind. It is opposed to politicizing normal language education and academic exchanges. It is vitally important to strengthen multi-party cooperation, to help learners from all over the world to learn, master and use Chinese, to provide rich international Chinese education resources, and to make a new leap forward of collaboration and win-win cooperation among international Chinese education non-governmental organizations in the new era.

The International Society for Chinese Language Teaching (ISCLT), founded in 1987, is a non-profit international non-governmental academic association registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is composed of the people and related institutions engaged in Chinese language teaching, researching and promoting work around the world. It has absorbed 5108 individual and group members from 81 countries.

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