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The 13th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students: Continent Champions Born on Internet

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On October 31, the semi-final of the 13th Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students were held on internet. The top 15 competitors gathered to compete for the tickets to the final.

The competition was presided over by Nige Maiti, host of China Media Group. Zhao Dongmei, Professor of History Department of Peking University, Zhao Yuping, Professor and Doctor of Chinese Ancient Civilization Studies of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Zou Yun, host of CGTN of China Media Group, were invited to be the judges. Foreign seniors, Chinese Bridge former competitors, An Ze, John Klumpp, etc. formed a cheering team for the players.


The global semi-final was divided into three parts: Interesting Knowledge Questions, Who is Real and My Stories about Chinese Characters. After answering all the questions in the first two parts, each continent was scored separately, and the top two players in each continent will enter the third part. The results of the three rounds of competitions were counted together to gain the final score of the competitor, and the highest score of each continent was the continent champion.

The Interesting Knowledge Questions mainly examined the contestants' mastery of Chinese language and culture. Traditional Chinese medicine was an important part of Chinese culture. When choosing idioms related to it, Professor Zhao Yuping described the origin of the word "Xing Lin Chun Nuan" (Spring warm, Apricot blossoming.) Later, the competitors also learned about China's unique Quadrangle Courtyard culture. The traditional Chinese courtyard-style building became easy and interesting to understand under the explanation of the judge.

The Who is Real part was composed of multiple-choice questions. Cross talk actors Chen Yinquan and Hou Zhenpeng brought three wonderful performances, respectively introducing the custom of staying-up all night on new year's eve during the Spring Festival, the origin of the name of Flaming Mountain and the Magic City--Chongqing in China. At the same time, they gave some wrong information to let the competitors to find out. The two actors were humorous by joking and teasing each other in a tacit way, which made so much fun to the competitors and provided a great chance for them to appreciate the charm of this unique Chinese folk art performance (an art combined with opera and acting).

After two rounds of competitions, Ma Ning of the African group, Rod of the American group, Nong Chang' an of the Asian group and Kong Manling of the Oceania group were off the field. Ding Che and Kseniia of the European Group tied for second and entered the extra round. They had to take turns to say one of Chinese solar terms. After several rounds, Ding Che failed and was unable to enter the next round.


In addition, the competition selected the Group Award by comparing the total scores obtained by the three competitors in each continent in the first two rounds. Through the joint efforts of competitors from each continent, Asia won the First Group Prize, Oceania and Europe won the Second Group Prize, and Africa and America won the Third Group Prize.

Chinese character culture has a long history and is extensive and profound, which is an important learning part for the competitors. In the My Stories about Chinese Characters part, the competitors introduced their stories in fluent Chinese. The stories were either interesting or touching.

"In Origin of Chinese Characters, there is an explanation: Sweet is a beauty. The tongue knows the beauty of sweet." Tian Tian (Sweet Sweet), with a northeast Chinese accent, introduced the Chinese character "Tian (sweet in English)" by quoting the classics. She said that the word "Tian" had a magic power that could spread happiness. She was happy and proud while she was talking about her name.

In her speech, Kseniia quoted poems, "White rabbit smashes medicine year after year, and Chang E is living on the moon alone." "When I climbed to its very peak, how tiny all the other mountains were." to express her feelings towards the Chinese character "wo" (I or me), perfectly demonstrating her Chinese learning achievements.

Li Xingsheng told the story of his participation as a volunteer in the rescue of the Thailand football team, from which he talked about the word "Ren"(people). He said, "people-oriented and not giving up a glimmer of hope are the believes that make the football team survive, and the reasons for their being successfully rescued."

After each competitor's speech, the judges asked questions according to the content of his or her speech, and the competitors answered questions all quickly and fluently.


In the end, Chen Hanzhao of Asia, Ma Luo of Europe, Sha Keshi of Oceania, Tian Tian of America and Tong Jiaying of Africa became the continent champions of the Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students and will head to the global final.

Next, the global final of Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students will be held soon. The continent champions will definitely show us greater competitions to the global championship.

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