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Secretary of the CPC Xiamen University Committee Zhang Yan Lectures Hanban Volunteer Chinese Teachers

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On the forenoon of Mar. 21, 2017, Zhang Yan, Secretary of the CPC Xiamen University Committee, was invited to deliver a lecture to all volunteer Chinese teachers with “Meet the great rejuvenation, be a good cultural messenger” as its theme, which was held at Library Lecture Hall on Xiang’an campus. This lecture is one of Series of Ideological and Political Theory training courses for trainees developed by the Southern Base of Confucius Institute Headquarters/Office of Confucius Institute Affairs, Xiamen University. Fan Li, Secretary of CPC Branch of the Southern Base presided at this lecture.


Zhang Yan led everyone to review the General Secretary of Xi Jinping’s important speeches with his own learning, researching and working experience from the following four aspects: " The Chinese Dream is the greatest common divisor to unite the Chinese nation" "Cultural prosperity is an important cornerstone of our national prosperity" “Firm culture of self - confidence, dissemination of Chinese outstanding culture "" To be a good cultural spreader, to shape the image of Chinese civilization " . Zhang Yan communicated with all the teachers and trainees who are on the scene affectionately, discussing what kind of awareness and responsibility that a culture spreader should have for national culture communication.


When exchanging the experience of learning, Zhang Yan pointed out: realizing the great rejuvenation of China is the greatest dream of the Chinese nation in modern times and the direction of each Chinese go forward. Now, we are no more close to the target than any time in history. We need to establish a strong sense of national pride, a sense of timing opportunity and a sense of historical mission. The great rejuvenation is a magnificent target; we actively participate in the construction of great rejuvenation and are prepared for its arrival. With the glorious mission and responsibility, volunteer Chinese teachers should strengthen the study of history and national conditions, especially to further study the theory and system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Thus, we are able to explain clearly about our road of construction, the road of development and the road of rejuvenation. He said that all trainees should build up a civilized image, promote Chinese language and become an excellent ambassador in cultural exchange and communication.

Zhang Yan put forward in the report: A country’s prosperity is closely linked with the boom of culture. The strength of a country or a nation is always supported by cultural prosperity. The prosperity of country can greatly promote the spread of culture and the country’s strong process will always be accompanied by a positive foreign cultural exchanges. The culture of a strong state is always attractive because of its strong soft cultural power which can be learned by other countries.

He said that though China had been suffering a lot of hardship since modern times, its traditional cultures possesses strong and rich vitality, highlights the great nation sprit. Under the background of new era, blended in the Great Practice of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and the Zeitgeist of Reform and innovation, the attraction of Chinese culture all around the world is increasing. It plays a significant role in the communication among different people, different ethnic, and different countries. It is a sign of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nations. At the same time, as a traditional power and developing modern power, China is responsible for world’s peaceful development.

Zhan Yan shared his experience of the visits to the Confucius Institutes in partnership with Xiamen University and exchanged the views of how to maximize the role of volunteer with trainees. He emphasized that volunteers should learn the new concepts, ideas and strategies of Party Central Committee on governing the country, build up socialist road confidence, theory confidence, system confidence as well as culture confidence, propagandize the development concept of China, spread the newest sound of China, and introduce Chinese splendid culture confidently and proudly. Moreover, volunteer Chinese teachers should understand China’s diplomatic strategy for seeking common development of the world, especially the “One Belt and One Road” and its spirit of inclusiveness and win-win. Let the people-to-people diplomacy play its role, express China’s peaceful rise show China’s development achievements and lifestyles of Chinese through ordinary Chinese teachers’ life, career and family stories, and build up the modern, civilized image of China.

Finally, ZhangYan and the trainees on the scene in-depth learned about the speech of President XI in his visiting the exhibition of "The Road to Rejuvenation l", which deepened the volunteers’ understanding of the connotation of the" Chinese dream " and encouraged them to be more enthusiastic and passionate to work in the promotion of Chinese language and to make contributions to the great rejuvenation of China. Chen Guang, Principal Assistant, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Director of the Management Committee of Xiang 'an campus Mao Tongwen, Director of the Southern Base of Confucius Institute Headquarters, Geng Hu, Deputy Director of the Southern Base, Gao Zhonghua, Vice Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiang 'an campus, and some teachers from the Southern Base attended the lecture.


The Southern Base of Confucius Institute of Xiamen University has received the commission from Confucius Institute Headquarters /Guojia Hanban to host the first half of 2017 pre job training from February 26th to April 8 for volunteer Chinese teachers who will be dispatching to Thailand and other Asian and African countries. There are 132 participants in this training whom gather from 28 universities as well as middle schools, and from 18 different provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions

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