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Yangbin Leads Delegation to visit San Diego State University

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“Running water is never stale and a door-hinge never gets worm-eaten. Science has no borders and academia has no walls.” Over the last decade, the exchange and cooperation between Xiamen University and San Diego State University have forged ahead, in the form of frequent teacher and student exchange, academic exchange, and mutual talent visits. At first when Vice President Yang Bin of Xiamen University visited San Diego State University, Adela de la Torre, President of San Diego State University, gave him a warm welcome and said:

1. San Diego State University has always firmly supported the education of the Chinese language and Sino-US cultural exchanges both at the university level and the local level.

2. San Diego State University has made consistent efforts to strengthen the 1-year student exchange program with Xiamen University, as well as teacher exchanges;

3. San Diego State University will continue to support the Chinese Cultural Center Project in cooperation with Xiamen University by providing funds, venues and other resources.

Lilly Cheng said that the Chinese Cultural Center jointly built by San Diego State University and Xiamen University not only boosts the education of the Chinese language and cultural exchanges at San Diego State University, but also advances local basic education of Chinese language and cultural exchanges in San Diego at large and promotes global education and exchanges.

Yangbin, Vice President of Xiamen University, also made the following remarks:

1. He thanked San Diego State University for its support for the construction of the San Diego Confucius Institute built in collaboration with Xiamen University. As the best CI in the world, the San Diego Confucius Institute has won the full support of Adela de la Torre and is now undergoing transformation and upgrading.

2. He extended his warmest welcome to Adela de la Torre. Xiamen University has always adhered to the aim of internationalization. With a heart full of gratitude, it established the Malaysian Campus, which is very popular worldwide. In the year of 2021, Xiamen University will mark its 100th anniversary and he sincerely invited Adela de la Torre to attend the celebration.

3. He hoped that the cooperation between the two universities would be deepened. Xiamen University is willing to support San Diego State University in building the Chinese Department. He also hoped that San Diego State University would support Xiamen University in building the English Department and Spanish Department. Xiamen University would continue to do its best to host "San Diego State University Day" in Xiamen.

4. It was also his hope that the two sides would continue to cooperate extensively in the running of the Chinese Cultural Center, which is a very worthy project. On the basis of its present exhibitions of traditional Chinese culture, the Center should showcase contemporary Chinese science and culture, especially the achievements made in new technologies.

The two sides signed the "Agreement on Cooperation between Xiamen University and San Diego State University", which includes some concrete steps for its implementation on future cooperation, especially in student exchange.

After the meeting, accompanied by Lilly Cheng and Wang Yibin, Yang Bin, Vice President of Xiamen University, and Mao Tongwen, Director of the Southern Base of Confucius Institute Headquarters and Office of Confucius Institute Affairs, visited the Chinese Cultural Center jointly established by the two universities. A roundtable was held and attended by the Xiamen University delegation, Nancy Marlin, Provost Emerita at San Diego State University, Dr Sam Shen, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at San Diego State University, Dr. Niyi Coker, Director of the San Diego State School of Theater, Television and Film, Dr. John J Cleary, an alumnus of the School of Law at Xiamen University. At the roundtable, Yangbin expressed his hope that all professors present would continue to support the discipline construction of Xiamen University and materialize the cooperation and exchanges in such disciplines as Chinese, English, Spanish, economics, management, education, art, law, mathematics, biology, ocean and earth.

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